Family Support


Spousal Maintenance


Spousal maintenance is an obligation that one partner might have to maintain the other financially after separation or divorce if their ex-partner cannot support themselves.


Spousal maintenance is a separate and distinctly different matter from child maintenance and support. Any entitlements you may have to financial support from your former partner will depend on your respective financial situations.


Adult Child Maintenance


A child who is over 18 is able to get financial support from a parent if the child:

  • is completing their secondary or tertiary education – they are at high school, TAFE, university, or a course at a private college (apprenticeships may also be included)
  • has a serious illness
  • has a physical or mental disability.


This is called adult child maintenance. An adult child who is married or living in a de-facto relationship is not able to get adult child maintenance.


Child support.


Talking about money during a partnership breakup can feel like just another added burden, but it is important to get your financial arrangements for the financial support of your child/ren in place as quickly as possible. For your children’s sake and for yours, you need to ensure that the agreement you enter into is the right one for you.


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